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Hair’s Lloyd’s passion

Hair’s Lloyd’s passion


Clip, clip went his clippers way back in 1966 and 40 years later Lloyd Lewis is still clipping.

To hundreds of Vincentians, this outspoken man is more than a barber; he is an inspiration, even a hero, because of the unselfish advice that he would dispense to young and old, rich and poor and the unobtrusive manner in which he influenced this country’s youngsters.{{more}}

Chances are that if you lived or spent anytime in St Vincent and the Grenadines over the last 40 years, you most likely would have come into contact with Lloyd Lewis.

September 16, 1966, Lloyd Lewis opened a barbershop in Kingstown. It was tough because getting the startup capital of $500 was not easy but one bank manager stepped forward, convinced that he had the business acumen to warrant that initial capital, and as they say, the rest is history.

Today he has two barbershops, one in Sharpe Street, and the other in the Kingstown Vegetable Market, and employs seven barbers.

He continues to train young barbers who then practice the trade across the island.

Lewis, originally from the north windward village of Fancy, recalls that Manning Jackson assisted him with the pipe fitting on a chair, and Lee Providence also helped with the woodwork.

His clientele list reads like a Who’s Who but then again, if you know Lewis, he has a knack for interacting with people which causes people to be attracted to him like metal to a magnet.