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Things are never too technical for Timothy


Timothy Gabriel has been the Technical Manager at Karib Cable from inception. Overseeing all the technical aspects at the cable company, he has gained enough experience in managing the technical team, to take on his new role as regional manager for technical operation.

“I think the customer base is very good, we have a very diversified channel line up, which is always increasing, we have just added some regional content, Tempo and CaribVision so there is a lot more Caribbean content on their now,” Gabriel said.{{more}}

With plans to increase more channels by year-end, Gabriel said more customers continue to register with the Cable Company.

“We are just 50 per cent penetration rate, which means almost every other house in St. Vincent has Cable television,” he said.

This he attributed to the hard work of the staff at Karib Cable and support of customers.

“I would like to thank the customers for their loyal support and our staff for the dedication to the company,” Gabriel said.