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Nyasha is one of the longest serving employees at Karib Cable

Nyasha is one of the longest serving employees at Karib Cable


Nyasha Morgan is more than just a Customer Service representative at Karib Cable.

Having functioned in almost all the different departments at the company, her role at the firm is considered a very integral one.

Morgan has been employed with the cable company for the past eight years.{{more}}

According to her, customer service is a very demanding role.

“You have to be very committed and patient at times, but it is very rewarding that you get to meet people from different backgrounds,” she told the Searchlight.

Since working in virtually every department at Karib Cable she has developed a rounded knowledge of the company’s operation which in turn leads to a better quality of customer service.

Being pleased with her contribution to the company over the years, management has entrusted her with responsibility for one of its major public events.

With the help of the marketing manager Nyasha continues to organize the Karib Cable Kite Flying competition annually.

“She is considered an invaluable and loyal employee at the company, she is a very good organizer as well,” general manager Jankie Glass said.