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Karib Cable to expand its services

Karib Cable to expand its services


Internet and Cable provider, Karib Cable, which operates in Antigua and St Vincent and the Grenadines, plans to expand its operations to other Caribbean islands.

“We are planning to add more channels to our local line up, and plans are also in place to expand our services to other islands,” General Manager Jankie Glass told the Searchlight.{{more}}

Major upgrades to its US$20 million infrastructure are planned in order to enhance the service of the island’s lone cable television service which is being received in half the island’s homes and businesses.

According to the manager, since its inception in 1997, the cable company has continuously contributed to sports, culture and environment development.

Trinidad-born Glass said that this level of contribution has enabled Karib Cable to embrace the Vincentian community and assist in social programmes to help youth and the environment.

“We have always offered lots of scholarships and there is so much we gave to various sectors of sports here. I see sports as a wonderful way to keep the young people off the streets and to develop their minds, once they have a ground level in sports they can go off and get scholarships as we have brilliant sportsmen and women here, so what we are doing is working closely with the youths in the sporting field and also schools with the environment,” Glass said.

Regional expansion

Within a matter of months Karib Cable’s service will be spread to a third island, though details of the arrangements have not yet been finalised. Further opportunities for expansion are being explored.

“Once the opportunity presents itself in a favourable market for the company we would be looking at securing that market,” Glass said.

Better service, worthwhile investment

Since it’s inception the company has added some 20 channels to its line up.

“We have added a lot of extra channels since we started…. I remember when we started operating with 29 channels, now the company provides over 50 channels to customers and there has not been an increase in the monthly payment,” Glass mentioned.

Karib Cable currently provides service from Chateaubelair to Fancy on the mainland and Bequia and Canouan in the Grenadines.

Glass said the company continues to improve its services, ensuring that every home in St Vincent and the Grenadines has access to cable.

“We have also added services including The Box and a Token service for persons who would want to access more channels apart from the regular package,” Glass added.

The Box and Token Services offer customers the option to privately connect to all the network’s channels lined up into five packages- entertainment, adult, movies, family and sport.

During its nine years in operation Karib Cable has had its difficulties. According to Glass, continuous reinvestment of financial resources has managed to keep the business afloat.

“When we started off the millions invested ran out, and we had to go back to the bank again, it has been a considerable investment, I was not born in St Vincent and my husband was born in New Zealand, but this is our home. I feel proud that we have invested and made this company work, all our workers here contribute to that,” Glass said.