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Craig keeps customers happy at Karib Cable

Craig keeps customers happy at Karib Cable


Cable and IT technician Craig Gooding, has been working at Karib Cable for eight years. The versatile young man is responsible for Grenadines operations.

As IT technician Craig is responsible for installation and troubleshooting for the cable and Internet services.{{more}}

A rigid on the job training routine and online courses have helped Craig to advance his technical skills “I have learnt a lot working here at Karib Cable, and it has helped me to develop a passion for work,” he said.

His day-to-day travel throughout the island has given him the opportunity to meet a lot of people with whom he interacts.

“It’s not a sit down job, I travel to every end of the island and the Grenadines and I do get a broader knowledge of things just by meeting different people. It is a big task to keep all the customers satisfied,” he said.