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Taiwan Scholarship Program Guidelines 2005-2007


1. Undergraduate Scholarships:

These scholarships, which are sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), are for foreign students who want to pursue undergraduate studies at universities/colleges in Taiwan. A stipend of NT$30,000 around USD$900 per month, plus an economy airfare for direct roundtrip flights (SVG-TPE) per student will be provided. {{more}}

2. Language Courses:

Recipients, whose scholarships are sponsored by the MOFA, may attend Language Enrichment Programs (Hereinafter referred to as LEP) in University-affiliated Chinese Language Centres (Hereinafter referred to as language centers) in Taiwan up to one year, in order to improve their language proficiency, before beginning their degree programs. A stipend of NT$30,000 for MOFA recipients per month, per student will be provided.

3. Duration of Undergraduate Scholarships: maximum four years:

The total and maximum number of years for foreign students to receive scholarships (including LEP) will be five years.

In principle, scholarships will begin from August 1 of each year and continue until July 31, of the following year. Scholarship recipients who are approved for summer programs or LEP may be assigned different scholarship award dates. If the recipient fails to enroll before the semester starts, the scholarship will begin from the month he/she arrives in Taiwan to study.

Scholarships will begin from the month of student enrollment and will stop when the scholarship ends, the recipient graduates, drops out, is expelled, or upon cancellation of the scholarship, whichever comes first.

Scholarship applicants shall not accept more than one scholarship issued by ROC (Taiwan) governmental agencies and/or educational institutions at the same time. If the applicant was granted more than one scholarship, he/she shall select only one scholarship to receive; if an applicant is found to be receiving more than one scholarship at the same time, the applicant shall be disqualified and asked to return the scholarship money already received.

4. Qualifications: Applicants must meet the following requirements:

(1) They should have a good academic record and moral character;

(2) They should neither be Overseas Chinese Students nor ROC nationals;

(3) They should not be scholarship recipients from other ROC government agencies or institutions in Taiwan;

(4) They should not be exchange students who are admitted in accordance with academic cooperation agreements made between local educational universities/ colleges and foreign educational institutions;

(5) They should not have had their scholarships cancelled in accordance with these Guidelines;

(6) They should not have received Taiwan Scholarships of the same type;

(7) The total duration of their scholarship(s) should not exceed 5 years;

(8) They should not be foreign students who have already enrolled at local educational institutions at their own expense. (However, they will be eligible to apply to individual universities/colleges for Foreign Students’ Scholarships, which are subsidized by the MOE.)

5. Application Process:

(1) Procedure: The Embassy of the ROC (Taiwan) will cooperate with local governments, schools, and cultural and educational institutions for receiving and reviewing applications.

(2) Application Period: from February 20th through the end of March.

(3) Required Documents: Applicants need to submit the following documents:

A. Taiwan Scholarship Application Form;

B. Proof of highest educational qualifications and academic performance(notary public’s signature should be included);

C. Proof of application to enroll at local universities/colleges and/or language centers (e.g. a copy of the application form); and

D. One recommendation letter at least.

(4) Selection: After reviewing the application documents, the Embassy of the ROC (Taiwan) will select eligible scholarship candidates, as well as alternatives and create a list. This list will be sent to the related universities/colleges or language centers by the end of April for their reference.

(5) Approval: Applicants are responsible for their application process to the universities/colleges or language centers that they would like to attend. Each school and/or language center shall refer to the guidelines of individual schools admission process for foreign students and begin the application review process. The school and/or language center should notify candidates, of their final decision, no later than mid-June.

(6) Notification of Admission: Applicants, upon receiving their admission letter, need to submit a copy of the admission letter to the Embassy of the ROC (Taiwan) in order to secure their scholarship by no later than the end of June. Late submission of these documents, after the deadline will be deemed as a waiver for accepting the scholarship. In this case, the Embassy of the ROC (Taiwan) will send a scholarship award letter to all qualified recipients and inform the alternative(s) in order to fill any vacancy(s). Candidates will be disqualified if they fail to pass the application review process of respective schools.

6. The Suspension and Cancellation of Scholarships:

(1) LEP students:

A. If a student is absent for more than ten hours of class (serious illness and accidents excluded) within a single month, the language centers will suspend his/her scholarship the following month.

B. Starting from the second quarter of study in Taiwan, if a student’s academic average is less than 80%, his/her scholarships for the next quarter will be suspended for one month. If a student’s academic average is less than 80% for two consecutive quarters, his/her scholarship status will be cancelled beginning with the next quarter. The remainder of the scholarship will also be cancelled.

C. If a student is suspended from or drops out of school, the language center will suspend his/her scholarship and inform the related government agencies in writing (including the MOE) in order to cancel his/her scholarship status. The remaining scholarships will also be cancelled.

(2) Undergraduate students:

A. For those Undergraduate scholarships recipients who are in each year of their study, if their academic average is below the passing standard set up by the school for any given semester, their school will suspend their scholarships for one month beginning with the next semester. If the schools have not set up an academic grading standard, then an undergraduate student’s academic average cannot be less than 60%, while a master and doctoral student’s academic average cannot be less than 70%. If a student is below passing for two consecutive semesters, their scholarship status will be cancelled starting the next semester. Their remaining scholarships will also be cancelled.

B. If a student is suspended from or drops out of school, his/her school will automatically suspend his/her scholarships and inform the related government agencies in writing (including the MOE) in order to cancel his/her scholarship status. The remaining scholarships will also be cancelled.

7. Transferring to other schools:

If scholarship recipients need to transfer to other institutions due to health, psychological reasons or special environmental surroundings, they need to follow MOE Regulations Regarding International Students undertaking Studies in Taiwan. If the institution or language center agrees to their transfer, these institutions must inform the related government agencies (including the MOE) for future review. Only one transfer is permitted.

Note: These Guidelines have been adopted in Chinese, in the event of any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese original, the Chinese version will prevail.