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Assistance Projects


• The Union Island Airport Project – Infrastructure, tourism and economic development.

• The Kingstown Vegetable Market Project – Civic development.

• The National Tennis Centre Project – Sport and tourism.

• The Modern National Library Project – Education.

• The Cross Country Road Project – Infrastructure, tourism and economic development. {{more}}

• The Youreimi-Taiwan Bridge Project – Infrastructure.

• The Argyle International Airport Project – Infrastructure, tourism and economic development.

• Construction and rehabilitation of the road project – Infrastructure.

• Agricultural cooperation projects – Mission Taiwan – with farmers and entrepreneurs – Agriculture and economic development.

• Agricultural training institute – Agriculture and human resource.

• Assistance in purchasing pedestrian tractors – Agriculture.

• The various Learning Resource Centres – Education.

• Yes program – Youth Empowerment Services – Education and social development.

• Computerization of schools – Education and technology.

• International scholarship (Taiwan scholarship) for studying in Taiwan for five years – Education.

• Scholarship for the local students – Education.

• Assistance in purchasing medical equipment and to further promote exchanges and cooperation in the area of medical services – Health.

• To establish laboratory of Bureau of Standards – Health and economic


• To implement the volunteers programme – Human resource.

• To provide short-term intensive training courses for government officers – Human resource and capacity building.

• Assistance in purchasing computer equipment – Technology and good governance.

• Assistance in purchasing jeeps, motorbikes and fire trucks to the police force – Social security.