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First Class service at Ella’s

First Class service at Ella’s


“Excellent! First class!”

Above are the words used by Minister of Culture René Baptiste as she described her hairdresser, Ella Cupid of Ella’s Beauty Salon.

Ella is celebrating her 20th year in business and Minister Baptiste has the distinction of being her longest standing client, and judging from the Minister’s statement when she spoke to SEARCHLIGHT, there is no foreseeable end to this relationship.{{more}}

Even before she encouraged Ella to enter the 1980 Carnival Queen Pageant, Baptiste said that she knew that Ella had what it takes to be a success in the field of cosmetology, and is proud to know that her insight was a determining factor. Describing Ella as a woman with a vision, Baptiste fondly remembered that it was Ella who first put weave in her hair, back in the days when it wasn’t very popular.

“Ella is a person who takes risks to ensure that her business grows and is always seeking to learn more about her field,” stated Minister Baptiste adding that this willingness to continually learn gives Cupid the “professional edge.” Baptiste is also the proud godmother of Ella’s first son, Neil, who is currently in the British Army.

Adding her glowing sentiments is another 20-year customer, Corinne Gonsalves. She told SEARCHLIGHT that she admires Ella’s drive and hard work. She vividly recounts how she became a full-time customer of Ella’s so many years ago. “I was having a bad hair day and really wanted something done and a friend told me about Ella,” recalled Gonsalves. She smilingly remembers the sharp hairstyle that Ella cut for her and that was it. “It was so good that I had to keep coming back, and I have never been disappointed with the service I receive here,” she declared.