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Ella’s Beauty Salon celebrates 20 years

Ella’s Beauty Salon celebrates 20 years


Meet the staff at Ella’s Beauty Salon

* Zenna Isaacs of Redemption Sharpes is Ella’s Beauty Salon’s longest serving employee. She has been with Ella’s for over six years and thoroughly enjoys her job. Isaacs is Ella’s Assistant Manager and usually keeps the ball rolling when Ella is not around. She continues to develop as an excellent hairdresser.{{more}}

* Patricia Charles has been in the field of hairdressing for over ten years. Nine months ago the Gibson Corner resident joined the team at Ella’s and is excited about what she is doing at the popular salon.

* Sicara John is glad for the opportunity to learn under the tutelage of the experienced Ella Cupid. She joined the staff at Ella’s five months ago and continues to enjoy her time at the salon.