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20 years of style, curls with Ella

20 years of style, curls with Ella


She may be a veteran in the hairdressing business, but make no mistake Ella Cupid is as “hip” as they get, and remains very much in touch with the modern hair dressing trends. She never gets caught off-guard by the new developments in the fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

It was on August 5, 1986, that Ella’s Beauty Salon was born, and 20 years later Ella was giving thanks to God, her faithful clients, family and employees for her great success. As she sat down to chat with the SEARCHLIGHT, recently.{{more}}

She remembers fondly her earliest longstanding client, the Honorable Minister René Baptiste, whom she credits for getting her started in hairdressing. “She got a job for me as a trainee at a salon and the rest is history,” said Ella with a reflective smile.

Ella’s Beauty Salon was first located in Burke’s Building then at Cambridge’s Building, before it moved to George’s Plaza where it has been located for the past nine years. Ella told SEARCHLIGHT that she was fortunate when she started off because there were not many salons around at the time, so it wasn’t a difficult task for her to get established.

She can now boast of a large and growing clientele which includes over 50 clients who have been with her for the 20 years of her salon’s existence. What makes the difference? “Quality and professionalism,” states Ella emphatically.

A reflective Ella told SEARCHLIGHT of a moment that she will never forget which took place ten years ago when she was celebrating her business’ tenth anniversary. “Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (he wasn’t Prime Minister yet) gave me a book he autographed called “The Prophet”, I will never forget that.”

When asked about her favourite moments on the job, the vibrant, stylish hair stylist said that she really enjoys her times of interaction with her customers especially those who have been with her over ten years. “We have shared so much together, seen their children grow up. It’s amazing.”

Not being one to be drawn into petty jealously, Ella told SEARCHLIGHT that she could proudly say that about nine of her former employees whom she had trained now have successful salons. “I feel proud and good when I see former employees succeed,” said Ella who only asks that employees leave with the right attitude when they do feel it is time to move on.

Ella is the mother of three: Neil, who is in the British Army, Clint, who is studying in England and her baby girl Danielle, a Fifth former and top Junior tennis player, is content with the measure of success that she has achieved and sincerely thanks all her faithful customers for sticking with her.

Dismissing the suggestion that she is getting old, Ella promised to continue to seek to advance her level of competence and to pass on her knowledge to anyone who wants to learn the art of hairdressing.

The young upcoming hairdresser who wants to launch out on his or her own, should heed a word of advice from the veteran; make sure that you get the proper training and submit yourself to a period of apprenticeship before you rush out on your own. That is if you want to be around 20 years down the road and not just be a flash in the pan.

Later this year Ella plans to host a grand cocktail for her 20-year clients and will be hosting a customer appreciation day tomorrow, Saturday, August 5, the date when Ella’s was born.