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Star batting for West Indies

Star batting for West Indies


AS A CITIZEN of the Caribbean, Caribbean Star celebrates the uniqueness of each of its destinations, partnering to develop festivals and sporting events and to foster intra-Caribbean tourism. Annual regional festivals that the airline is proud to support include:

Dominica World Creole Music Festival

St. Lucia Jazz Festival

St. Kitts Music Festival

Antigua Carnival

BVI Music Festival

St. Vincent Carnival

Calypso Fiesta (Trinidad)

Caribbean Brass Festival

Our involvement includes destination marketing to support these festivals, encouraging intraregional travel and domestic tourism.{{more}}

For Grenada, all lent a hand. In October 2004, following the devastation of Grenada by Hurricane Ivan, Caribbean Star immediately began a drive to set aside US$2 for each ticket sold for donation to relief efforts in Grenada, ultimately generating more than EC$135,000. The airline also was proud to help support a huge benefit concert featuring numerous regional artists and Grenadian performers, celebrating the vitality of Grenada and demonstrating Caribbean unity on a massive scale.

Caribbean Star’s commitment to the region also is demonstrated by our ongoing goal of providing better access from the major hubs in Antigua and Barbados to the off-line destinations that depend heavily on tourism from those Eastern Caribbean centres.

Cricket Star: One of the most fundamental foundations of West Indian society has been cricket. Since we well understand and appreciate cricket’s role in the West Indian psyche, Caribbean Star is playing its part in assisting in the development of the game at both a domestic and international level, offering special fares in support of West Indies cricket, sponsorship of tournaments and the recent announcement of a 20/20 league formation.

Star Vacations, Caribbean Star’s own creators of stellar vacation packages, continue to entice travellers to visit new destinations or to return to old favourites by offering the Caribbean at an affordable price.

By providing reliability and quality service across the region, Caribbean Star fosters the development of a Caribbean identity of which we all can be justifiably proud.