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Thirty-three years in retrospect


Fri, Oct 26, 2012

by Eustace Maloney

Long time ago me granny told me
They used to call England the mother country.
They were ruled by a governor,
And we were the children of the empire
But today it’s not so, cause Great Britian has let us go
And if we listen carefully, she would tell us whole story.{{more}}

The year 1979, was really a perilous time,
Soufriere mountain blew, Union Island had an attempted cou .
Vincy mass postponed, people evacuated from their homes.
In all their troubles trials and pain,
Our leaders decided to break the chains.

Milton Cato led a delegation to England seeking independence.
The opposition said NO!
Oh lord put a hand.
They said they couldn’t understand, how we want Independence
In the midst of a volcanic eruption.

Slowly and sadly we turned our backs,
We said goodbye to the Union Jack
Milton Cato and Sir Rupert John,
were put to rule this blessed land
Joel Miguel and Phyllis Punnett put together the state anthem.

An so October the 27TH dawn, St Vincent and the Grenadines
A new nation was born.