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Saluting our nation’s 33rd anniversary of Independence


by the Staff of Brighton Methodist School Fri, Oct 26, 2012

We, the stakeholders in our nation’s education, will work collectively in a noble spirit towards our children’s development.{{more}}

As we celebrate our nation’s 33rd anniversary of Independence

Be assured that the work entrusted to us will be done with utmost diligence.

We resolve in this 33rd year of our Independence anniversary to be the tribute and vanguard of enlightenment,

We stand in support of a revolution in our children’s education.

We applaud their progress and perseverance and swear to treat them with tolerance.

We will continue to instill patriotic values at this primary institution from kindergarten to grade six to the satisfaction of parents,

We will feed you with national pride and inspiration.

In this year of our 33rd anniversary of Independence,

We salute our national leaders, true nation builders,

We applaud the efforts of our business community, we hail church leaders,

The moral agents of our society, in this collective spirit of nation building.

We commend the outstanding stints of out sportsmen and sportswomen who laboured untiringly over the years to bring pride to our nation. We admire exemplary mothers and fathers, true role models

And to our fellow Educators, we entreat you to work hand in hand with us in our noble pursuit to restore order, stability, tranquility and Godliness in our land.

Happy Independence to all!

A special acknowledgement to our media houses for keeping us abreast with local, regional and international affairs.