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Seniors get treated to a day of pampering

Seniors get treated to a day of pampering


Suzanne’s Hair Studio was definitely the place to be on Wednesday this week, as senior citizens were once again treated to a day of relaxation, pampering and fun.{{more}}

As part of the Independence celebrations each year, the salon is closed to other clients for the staff to pay full attention to our seniors and tend to their various requests, free of charge.

As the SEARCHLIGHT cameras flashed away, those whose hair had been beautifully done as well as those who were awaiting their turn had broad smiles on their faces.

While some were having their hair done, others sat and chatted, while others had pedicures and manicures.

Proprietor of Suzanne’s Hair Studio, Suzanne Goodluck, told SEARCHLIGHT that she looks forward to the activity every year, which allows her to cater specifically to our senior citizens. Goodluck said she was overwhelmed by the large turnout, which she indicated, doubled that of last year’s.

“This is something we all enjoy doing. Just to have them here makes it really special,” Goodluck noted.

Calder resident Rosy Grant, who sported a fresh cornrow hairdo and was seated awaiting her pedicure, said that she looks forward to coming to Suzanne’s each year. “I think this is a very nice programme and I want to thank Suzanne for putting this on every year for senior citizens,” said Grant.

Another customer, Jean Horne, expressed her gratitude to Suzanne for giving back to senior citizens, making sure they are not forgotten. “I think it’s a really wonderful service she is doing and I pray it continues,” she said.

This marks the ninth year that Goodluck has been providing such a service. Suzanne’s Hair Studio is situated upstairs the KISMET building on Grenville Street.(KW)