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St. Vincent, I Love You

St. Vincent, I Love You



by Alston Becket Cyrus (c) 1977

1. St Vincent my homeland, you gave me no mansion
No gold no diamond, yet I love you a million
For the things that you have to offer
Is more than my heart’s desire
Lovely beach, tropical breeze
Always there within my reach {{more}}


I love you St Vincent
Me sweet little island St Vincent
I love you St. Vincent
Home of the blessed St Vincent (Me Hairoun St. Vincent)
St. Vincent, St. Vincent
I love you!

2. Can look at the sunrise, can look at the sunset
Sweet Mother Nature, such beauty, such splendour
Can live my life without fear
Freedom to go anywhere
You got love and you got peace
From La Soufriere to the Grenadines

3. Calypso and reggae to make me jiggae
Bamboo melody, pan in harmony
Nine Mornings, Christmas and carnival
You got so much bacchanal
Wailing time is any time
And any time is wailing time

4. Mango, guava jelly, early morning fish tea
Coconut water, farine and zabucca
Pelau, crawfish and callaloo
Souse, dumpling and manicou
Roast breadfruit, black fish crisps
And much, much more deliciousness