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Put Your Country First

Put Your Country First



by I-Pa (c) 1992

1. This country is full of diehards and strong heads
Most of them believe they cant feel the pinch
Lord they are strong supporters you can believe that
And when their party’s not in they don’t care bout anything
Some does pray for the country to end up in a mess
And they will do anything to put it in more distress
Some on they job they skylarking, doing anything
Lord, they hoping that Government get the blame
But I say you must….{{more}}


Put your country before your party
For that is the only way, the only hope
To any nation’s prosperity
And put your country before your party
For progress and prosperity, strong economy
You gotta put your country

2. You PS and all you heads of departments
Ah beg you to do your job with pride and with dignity
Cause I know most of you link up deep in politics
But its time you show some concern for your country
Political war from I beg you to refrain
That is what pull Trinidad so far down the drain
You see if we only work hand in hand and unite as one
Lord our nation will really make a move on
But we got to….

3. I admire a government who trying to build a nation
Most of we in life could never do that
So our contribution is just criticism
Because personally we aint getting we pocket fat
I know merchants who finance party to be in charge
And when they cant get what they want, they just turn around, turn around
The truth is they just don’t care if they country fall
They forgetting that way government do for one they must do for all
That why I say…