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Port prepares for 2008 Christmas barrels

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This year, the St Vincent and the Grenadines Port Authority (Port) is making preparations for an influx of Christmas barrels.{{more}}

The Port, over the years, has recognized the importance of the barrels and packages shipped to its many customers around this time of the year. Therefore, they are once again working with the Customs and Excise Department and the various Shipping Agents to put in place measures that would reduce the waiting time and congestion as cargo is being processed for clearing.

There are now two designated locations in Kingstown for the purpose of clearing of barrels and packages: – the Port’s main Transit Shed and the Geest/ WIBDECO Shed. The complete transaction involved in the clearing of cargo will be facilitated at any of these two locations. These Kingstown locations are in addition to the Campden Park Container Port (CPCP) location. For the convenience of customers, signs will be mounted in strategic areas to guide on the procedures involved.

In addition, the Port has prepared a checklist of procedures with step-by-step instructions for the clearing of cargo. According to a release from the Port, copies of the instructions will be made available to the public at Shipping Agents and all Port’s point of transactions. Customers are encouraged to read the checklist carefully before coming to collect their cargo and must remember to bring along all necessary documents to include valid picture identification (national identification card or passport).

A customer service telephone line 451-2191 is available to provide additional information. The Port is also prepared to extend its normal operating hours during the busy period and the public will be advised accordingly.

The Port is, however, urging all customers to take full advantage of the extended working hours and collect their barrels and packages at the soonest convenient time in an effort to reduce congestion.