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Browne’s gives Lowmans residents Christmas treat

Browne’s gives Lowmans residents Christmas treat

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So far, two lucky customers have walked away with gift baskets from Browne’s Hardware, in their Christmas promotion dubbed “Christmas Awards”. Caroline Lewis of Lowmans Leeward was the first to walk away with a gift baskets full of treats. When she was told about her winnings, Lewis was speechless but excited.{{more}} “I never won anything before, this is the first time”, she declared. The second winner was Anton ‘Mello’ Antoine of Lowmans Windward, who was just as excited about his winnings.

“There are still two gift baskets left to be won,” disclosed Marketing Representative, Merlicia Browne. She added that “Any customer who makes purchases of $100 or more automatically qualifies to enter our Big Draw to win grand prizes at the end of December”. She urged all customers to come to Browne’s and shop to win. This Big Draw is scheduled for 31st December, 2008.