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Look how we’ve changed!

Look how we’ve changed!


How Kingstown has changed! Or has it? Compare these photographs from the early 1900s with those of present day Kingstown.{{more}}

These photographs of Kingstown in the early 20th century are part of a collection of postcards from the Marcos Reilly collection. Reilly is a descendant of the Biddy family which lived in Kingstown in the latter part of the 19th century and early in the 20th century.

Kingstown Police Headquarters today.

Before:  Landing of a contingent at Kingstown on 24th May, 1919, with H.MT.S. Ajax which conveyed them.

After:  Visitors to this country land at the modern cruise ship berth uptown.

Before:  Grenville Street in Kingstown

After:  Grenville Street in Kingstown

Before:  The Kingstown Market.

After:  The Kingstown Vegetable Market.