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Hull confident of win third time around

Hull confident of win third time around


Norrell Hull is confident that he will succeed in his third attempt to unseat Louis Straker in Central Leeward. Hull, speaking at the Layou Police Station last Monday, expressed optimism about his chances of winning the seat. “I am enthused with the encouraging response from Central Leeward,” Hull said.{{more}}

He was particularly pleased with last Saturday’s mobilisation of New Democratic Party supporters for the launching of party leader Arnhim Eustace.

According to Hull, the overwhelming response and moral support that he has been receiving, resulted in thousands going to Victoria Park for the NDP rally.

“I have every reason to believe that this seat will be returned to the New Democratic Party,” Hull stated.

He is from the Central Leeward Town of Barrouallie. He returned home from the Caribbean Island of Bermuda after serving in that country’s constabulary for a long period.

Hull secured 1,670 votes in 1998, for 43.25 percent of the poll, compared to Straker’s 2,183 for 56.45 of the vote.

Hull’s tally declined to 1593 in 2001, while his opponent Louis Straker increased his haul to 2,363.

Hull however, has opted for a legal battle and has challenged Straker’s citizenship. Straker lived for many years in the United States before returning home.

Straker is from Layou, the other Town with a fair population in the Central Leeward constituency.

Two other areas in the constituency are Kearton’s, north of Barrouallie and Buccament, south of Layou.

There will be 15 polling divisions in Central Leeward, one more than in 2001. The additional polling station will be at the Pentecostal Church in Keartons. Up to Monday’s nomination, 5,969 persons were registered to vote in Central Leeward: 2,929 females and 3,030 males.