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Eustace: PM deserves a licking

Eustace: PM deserves a licking


Leader of the New Democratic Party, Arnhim Eustace, used the opportunity of last week’s launch of candidate Nigel Stevenson at Campden Park to air his disapproval of remarks made about the NDP and its founder, Sir. James Mitchell.

This stemmed from a speech made at the National Independence Parade at the Victoria Park on October 27. Eustace quoted the Prime Minister as saying, “Well, you had Sir James who occupied the crease for 17 years.” “That was his way of insulting Sir James and the NDP,” stated Eustace. He also noted that all the other persons who contributed to the development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and who were mentioned by Dr. Gonsalves were portrayed in the best light. {{more}}

Eustace stated that Dr. Gonsalves is a “wicked man” for making such a statement and claimed that he has always tried to deny what the NDP has done for this country.

Eustace said the list of “goodies” mentioned by the Prime Minister at the parade should have never been discussed there but rather at budget time. “The Prime Minister has delivered his last budget; the next budget will be delivered by me.”

The highly anticipated increase in salaries was also brought to the table, as Eustace made it clear that he and his delegation have no problem with the raise of salaries. He cited that he had a problem with the people working at the Public Works and other ministries who are only receiving half of the $300 bonus that will be paid at Christmas. Eustace says he is calling on the Prime Minister to change this. He went on to assert, “I think the Prime Minister deserves a licking.”

Clips from the legendary movie, “ROOTS” were highlighted on the large screen and showed Kunta Kinte being whipped and asked to say his name because they wanted to break him. “Gonsalves, you can’t break me; I will break you. When elections come I will break you.”