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Sir Vincent: Handing over leadership a profound decision

Sir Vincent: Handing over leadership a profound decision


Sir Vincent Beache, original leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) has described his decision in 1998 to hand over the reins of leadership of the party to Dr. Ralph Gonsalves as “a profound decision.”

Speaking at Biabou on Sunday evening, the senior statesman said that his decision to vacate the leadership position of the party and to support Dr. Gonsalves as leader, “is benefiting all of us … and will continue to benefit all of us in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”{{more}}

The youthful looking politician said that although the time for him to “quit the stage” was the next elections, he would not be bowing out completely, because “I helped to give birth to the Unity Labour Party, and as such, I will continue all the time to be either its father, godfather or whatever father it is, so I will be around and if my services are needed, then I am willing to serve the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Sir Vincent noted that he was leaving office with a clear conscience stating, “I stand here unashamed of anything that I have done, and I call on any man to come forward and say that Vincent Beache has been dishonest or has used his office to enhance his riches that I don’t have.”

Sir Vincent spent much of the evening on stage showing up the younger members of the platform party with dance moves that belied his age. He was at Biabou in support of his son’s candidacy for the South Windward seat which he, Sir Vincent currently holds.