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Eustace: Voters’ list must be clean

Eustace: Voters’ list must be clean


The New Democratic Party (NDP) was expected to present to the Supervisor of Elections during this week a list of things that it believed to be wrong with the Voters’ List.

Arnhim Eustace, President of the New Democratic Party (NDP) announced at a political rally at Dauphine last Saturday night, that the discrepancies will be pointed out to Rodney Adams, Supervisor of Elections at the Electoral Office by Tuesday.{{more}}

But on Tuesday at 4 p.m. when SEARCHLIGHT contacted Adams at the Electoral Office, the Supervisor of Elections disclosed he was yet to receive the list of which Eustace had spoken.

Eustace said he intended to present Adams with a list of problems now so that when the preliminary list comes out the NDP will be able to check to see whether the corrections that it asked for had been made.

“The New Democratic Party on the basis of its performance and the non performance of the ULP over the last two and a half years will win.

“We will win the elections but we must have a clean Voters’ list. I am saying to the ULP administration tonight that you have no difficulty from us once the Voters’ List is clean and we are going to have a free and fair elections,” Eustace stated.

“If it is not clean then they will see something quite different,” Eustace warned, adding, “I am very serious about that”.

Eustace said he has no problems with the outcome of the elections once the Voters’ List is clean.

“They gonna have a serious problem if I perceive it not to be clean. I want to make that very clear,” Eustace pointed out.

Eustace told his supporters that he knew that the General Elections are coming soon and they must all be prepared for that day.

He told them that he hoped they were already registered and have checked to see if their names were on the Voters’ List.

Adams explained that the Electoral Office had made efforts to remove discrepancies from the list that was created in 1984.

“The names of dead people were on the list. Some people in the homes cooperated, some did not,” said Adams as he spoke of hurdles that his officers encountered when updating the list.

Adams said if he had his way he would have requested a re-enumeration of voters.