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Eustace says he’ll beat Francis to death at polls


Arnhim Eustace, political leader of the New Democratic Party, has sent a warning to Julian Francis of the Unity Labour Party that politically he “will beat Francis to death” in the constituency of East Kingstown in the next General Elections.

“Licks like fire! Licks like peas in the next General Elections,” said Eustace to a large gathering of NDP supporters last Saturday night at a political rally at the Sharpes Playing Field.{{more}}

Eustace has won this seat on two previous occasions, in 1998 by 27 votes and 2001 by 40 votes, when he defeated Michael Hamlett of the ULP.

“We will whip him in that constituency you call East Kingstown.We are not going to stand by and take any nonsense from any of them,” Eustace remarked.

Eustace said the ULP has now conducted four polls in East Kingstown.

“Up to now all you hearing is some words that they (ULP) going to win in East Kingstown. They said so in ’98, they said so in 2001 and at that time the tide was running against the NDP. Today the tide is running with NDP,” said Eustace.

Eustace told his supporters that constituency boundaries were changed in five constituencies, namely, West St. George, East St. George, South Windward, North Windward and East Kingstown.

The NDP President said the ULP is making the assumption that voters who voted for them in 2001 shall do the same in the upcoming General Elections.

“That is not common sense, people change, people change between elections and vote other than how they voted the time before. I am saying that this time the change is with NDP, not away from NDP. Last elections it was away from NDP, this time it’s on to NDP and when it comes to NDP, NDP will defeat ULP so we are not too concerned about that,” said Eustace.

Eustace promised that the NDP has lots of surprises for the ULP in the elections.