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Something white


In this case, white does not mean: “I surrender.” It is more like “This is my victory banner.” During this season of independence, all of us in this nation need to open our eyes, look in the mirror, see SVG looking back at us, and ask ourselves; “Is this the best we can be after 35 years of running our own affairs?” Honestly, Mr Young Man, with the gun in your pocket to defend the piece of money that you expect to make from your next drug push, what kind of SVG is your finger on the trigger, or the bullet in your brain, painting in the mirror that you are watching? Think hard, my young brother and sister, and go look for something white to wear during this season. It is your victory banner to wave for a better SVG. You are not alone. Just look around.{{more}}

My dear friends in the political parties, wear something white this season to waft a cool breeze through the hot hostility, especially devouring ULP and NDP stalwarts. After 35 years of putting the British in their place, does the mirror show us a people who respect and love each other, and want the best for each other? Look in the mirror for the answer. We, the people, don’t have to wait on Dr Gonsalves to tell us to wear something white, to turn away from spouting hurt and causing distress. Wear something white. We, the people, don’t have to wait for Mr Eustace’s Monday programme to know if we must free ourselves from the acid in our hearts that comes from sucking salt and hungering for our turn to drink milk and honey. Let us take this season as our own and fill the street with warmth for each other. Dare to smile and hug the next party militant, or if not, hug me! But wear the victory banner, something white.

Sisters and brothers of faith, we too disfigure the picture of SVG that we see in the mirror with transgressions against God and our nation. As pastors, don’t we discern among our congregations a strong desire to worship political idols, or to hustle some private gain because of party support? As persons of faith, and disciples of Jesus Christ, when do we walk the walk of the Samaritan and go out of our way for the hurting neighbour on her last legs, abused, jobless, yet full of potential, the way we were at one time before we made it through. When we look in the mirror at SVG, are we leading the way in love and respect and uplift, are we hungering for and addicted to the righteous justice of others? Are we in transgression mode? I know that I am. I don’t look good in the mirror and at this season, I want us to take the banner of healing and victory to the streets, the pews, the workplace, the family crisis. Join the white, street movement of repentance. Wear it as a gift to the nation, as a cross of commitment, a mission statement to disciple this nation as we disciple ourselves in the way of Jesus.

Peaceing our land is an urgent crusade for all of us. Let us begin it simply, lightfully, without a word of judgement on others. Combine the nation’s colours, and any other design with a strong dressing of white. Wear it proudly. Wear it defiantly. Wear it consciously, anticipatively.


It is a point of departure, not the destination. There must be more to come, but wearing white is a definite start of the conversation with and the concern for one another in SVG. Resting down the gun places a task on the mind and a wrestle with the future for our hustling, rising leaders and innovators. Wearing white opens that wrestle. Tossing political hostility aside, pulls the foundation from underneath dynasties that tiptoe behind our backs and build thrones for themselves. Wearing white will expose the tiptoeing bandits and nurture our political intelligence. Wearing white puts the Master’s challenge fairly and squarely on the Christian agenda: ‘I know you, not for the praise you sent up to me, but by the will of the father that you demonstrate’. (Matt 7.21-23) here in SVG. Wear the white and let us celebrate our return to do the father’s will.

In this season, the move is ours to make. A political economy and moral makeover for SVG can begin with our independence movement in white. Wear something white.