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The Calvary scandal


Over the weekend, the ruling class newspaper and the TPS carried the same story: “Another Galilean Executed.” It said earlier this week, a small group of rebels from the countryside in Galilee tried to create a disturbance in the city. Their leader, Jesus from Nazareth, was riding an ass, and the raggedy followers waved their sweaty cloaks, calling for deliverance. However the civilized people of Jerusalem did not give them any support. The following day the desperate terrorists went on a looting spree in the temple court before they finally got tired and retreated to their camp at Bethany.{{more}}

Later in the week, the police, acting on a tip off, arrested the gang leader Jesus in the hills. He was charged with libel, using threatening language, and planning to overthrow the emperor’s rule. He was brought quietly and executed on Calvary by order of his Imperial Excellency Pontius Pilate. His gang fled and scattered in disarray. The loyal people of Jerusalem came out in full support of the High Priest, the Sanhedrin and the Emperor. The dotish farmers and fisher folk and women from Galilee will never see the Day of Righteousness, nor the salvation of the Lord God.

That story above was the Press Release from the office of the High Priest Caiaphas in Jerusalem about the events of Holy Week and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It was sent for Pontius Pilate’s approval. Read it again carefully. It does sound real.


This reporter for Round Table examined some of the eyewitness comments on Facebook. This is what some of the writers had to say.

  • I am very sad and hurt, but also hopeful. Come from Capernaum in Galilee and am a member of the Hosanna movement; I was out front in that glorious procession through Jerusalem streets behind God’s Annointed One, Jesus and I never felt so thrilled in my life as I saw Jerusalem people greeting us as sisters and brothers among the People of God. That feeling of Harmony will live forever in my heart.


  • I am Philip from Jericho and I saw when Zacchaeus changed his life and when blind Bartimaeus received his sight, but most of all, I took in the blessed Torah that Master Jesus taught us those few days in the temple court. I now know that I, like Zacchaeus and Bartimaeus, am blessed and beloved by Yahweh and stand equal to the High Priest in the sight of the Holy One of Israel, the crucifixion of teacher Jesus was a most unrighteous act.
  • Forgive them please Holy and compassionate Lord and turn the hearts of our leaders to accept the vision of the one whom they crucified. I am Lazarus from Bethany, disciple and friend of Jesus, God’s Annointed. He is truly the Resurrection and he is life. I tell you, He can never die. Trust me and pray for them. I know that if I had been in Jerusalem, they would have killed me too.
  • I told my mother that I want to be like Jesus. I am only 12 years old, but I love God and I love Jesus too. He is so brave to tell the great Leaders the truth that they don’t want to hear, even though it is in scripture. Such a prophet cannot die. I want the Lord God to make me become such a prophet.


This Round Table reporter will continue to investigate the crucifixion of Jesus the Galilean on Calvary. The question is: was he really a rebel terrorist who just pretended to be kind and helpful, or was he a prophet of the Most High whose teaching and whose pull among the people, made the leaders become more and more insecure and guilty? Was Calvary the end of a rebel gang and terrorist group, or did the Hosanna movement choose a Calvary path in keeping with its teaching?

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