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Power of a handshake – Part 2 Prime The Pump

Power of a handshake  – Part 2 Prime The Pump


THREE SECONDS! That was the length of the handshake that made history on June 12, 2018.

Reporting for the Sunday Morning Herald, Foster Klug recounted; “Donald Trump approached from the right, striding down the long portico at the colonial-era Singapore resort. Kim Jong-un, dressed in his familiar Mao suit, emerged from the left.

They met in the middle, on a red carpet, dozens of cameras recording their every move as the world watched … and counted.”

Though the origins of the handshake are somewhat murky, a popular theory is that the gesture began as a way of conveying peaceful intentions.

In extending an empty right hand to someone, you are showing that you are not holding weapons.

It has even been suggested that the up and down motion of the handshake was intended to dislodge any knives or daggers that might be hidden up a sleeve. Another explanation is that the handshake was a symbol of good faith when making an oath or promise.

Lillian Glass, PhD, a renowned body language expert, explains what some of the handshakes we give and receive mean: The Limp Handshake: Dr Glass suggests a weak handshake exemplifies a lack of interest. “If you lack all firmness, it tells the other person you don’t care; you’re not into them.” It has also been suggested that a limp handshake might

be exposing a weak inner-being. This can be interpreted by business professionals as a sign of lack of confidence and ability in what you do.

The Rushed Handshake: That is like rushing someone who is trying to speak to you. It is considered rude. “It also shows that they really don’t care to be in the situation at all, which offends the receiver,” says Dr. Glass. “Rushing anything typically never makes for a positive outcome, so slow it down, maintain your poise.”

The Look Away Handshake: A good handshake is not complete without eye contact. “If you make immediate eye contact but then look away, you are showing disinterest and awkwardness,” says Dr. Glass. Handshakes are supposed to help ease any introductory tension, not add to it. This type of handshake is often associated with a rushed one.

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