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Sellers no longer have the power. Customers hold the ‘trump card’


In case you don’t know, sellers no longer have the power. Customers hold the ‘trump card’ and their message is ‘give me what I want, how I want it, when I want it, at the lowest possible price, and make me feel special, or I’ll buy from someone who will.’ It is time for Customer Service to move from a department within a business to being the attitude of every single employee.

Today we will review five reasons why good customer service is important as featured in Entrepreneur magazine and then share a customer service activity from Jeff Toister to supercharge your team.

1. Provide value – A great customer service programme focuses on treating customers well, and exceeding their expectations. Customers will be engaged by this and relationships will be strengthened.

2. Retains customers – Research shows that it cost up to seven times more to attract new customers than to retain existing customers. Satisfied customers become devoted buyers when a business is trustworthy.

3. Creates endorsement – If people’s family and friends do not endorse your business, they will not buy from you. A loyal customer on average is 10 times more valuable than their first purchase.

4. Prevents business failures – Poor customer service is one of the most common reasons for business failure.

5. Reduces employee turnover – People are proud to work for an employer that provides excellent customer service, they are more engaged in their work and become an advocate for they business.

Customer Service guru Jeff Toister created some great customer service activities to keep employees engaged. One such is called Attitude Anchors. Research shows that negative emotions can be contagious. A negative attitude might even sneak up on us before we’re even aware of it. The Attitude Anchor concept is a technique you can use to anchor your attitude in a positive place.

According to Toister, there are two types of Attitude Anchors: Maintenance Anchors help you maintain a positive attitude and Repair Anchors help you fix a negative attitude.

He recommends that you make a list of the Maintenance and Repair Anchors that work for you and use them to keep your attitude in check. For example, a Maintenance Anchor may be getting a good night’s sleep, while a Repair Anchor may be taking a walk.
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