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A job interview is an opportunity to impress

A job interview is an opportunity to impress


Susan P. Joyce in an article 10 Step Interview Preparation Plan: The Winning Difference shared some useful tips on how to standout during a job interview. Over the next couple weeks, we will share some of her tips to assist “school leavers” to be better prepared for an interview. An interview is not simply a formality before you receive the job offer. Joyce said to “think of a job interview as an “audition.” It is your opportunity to impress the employer with your work ethics and skills. Here are three of her recommendations:

“Very carefully analyze the job description”: Too many applicants send generic
application to employers expecting them to comb through the applications to find the relevant experience, qualification and skills that match the advertised position. A job application should be tailored to the position you are applying for. You may not have all the requirements for the job but you should focus on your strengths as they relate to the position.

Joyce suggested that you build and interview checklist. Make a list of how you meet the requirements, have proven ability to accomplish the duties, and are an “ideal” candidate for this job.

“Prepare examples of your accomplishments”: Be prepared to back your claim with examples. It is not sufficient to say that you are a problem solver. You should be able to recall an occasion where you were able to put that skill to work. Joyce suggested that you build a STAR description of each situation:

S — the Situation – the circumstances and context.
T — the Task – the problem you were trying to solve.
A — the Action – what you did to accomplish the Task successfully.
R — the Result – the successful resolution of the situation.

“Examine the organization’s website”: An employment is a relationship. A prudent employer will investigate an applicant before offering him/her a job. In the same light, you the applicant should walk into an interview with adequate knowledge of the company you are hoping to start a relationship with.
Joyce suggested that you browse the organization’s social media platforms. Check for press releases or the latest news about the organization. Look for names of the senior managers or founders and other highly visible employees.

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