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Expressing your appreciation to others


The wise Mother Teresa said “kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.” There are few things more heart-warming than receiving a thank you note, be it an email, a card, a top and tail letter or a text message with words such as “I owe it all to you, thank you”, or “Just to let you know that I feel indebted to you,” or “I appreciate your loyalty and commitment.”

Irrespective of the relationship, expressing your appreciation to another person, especially when it is spontaneous is always appreciated. There are countless stories of marriages that fell apart because someone was left feeling unappreciated for too long. Children who went astray because they felt invisible at home. Employees who became demotivated and left their employment because positive feedback was not forthcoming. Pews that are emptied because church leaders neglected the human side of the ministry. Companies that went belly up because they overlooked the importance of showing their appreciation to the customers who built their business. If not shown appreciation, it gets to you eventually.

John F. Kennedy said “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make the difference in our lives.” Making a customer’s day does not have to take months of planning and budgeting. A simple thank you or a personal note can have a lasting and meaningful impact on a customer and help create a connection that will be remembered for a long time. That’s why we are taking the opportunity today to say ‘thank you’ for choosing us week after week, year after year.

∑ You are valued. We pause to show you that this is indeed a two-way relationship. We are just as committed to providing journalism you can trust and to produce balanced reports which reflect independence of thought as you are committed to using our products and services.

∑ You are more than a business transaction. We know your life-time value to us and we sincerely ‘thank you’.

We may not say it as often as we should, but we are so appreciative of your business.
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