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Bottom-line Killer


DO YOU know how much employee absenteeism is costing your company?

There are always days where a family emergency, child care or even fatigue cause employees to be late or absent. While these may be legitimate reasons for absenteeism, do you understand the impact of absenteeism on your bottom-line?

Irrespective of the reason, absenteeism causes your company actual dollars and cents. It is referred to as the ‘bottom-line killer’.

While some employees may be working hard to ‘put money in the kitty’ the financial loss due to others absenteeism may be bleeding you dry.

How do you tackle absenteeism? By first understanding what causes it.

Absenteeism may be a product of laziness, but it is not the main cause of it. In today’s article we examine some causes of workplace absenteeism.

1. Bullying: Just as children stay away from school because of bullying, employees avoid work when they are being harassed. You can manage workplace bullying by promoting an open-door policy, make your presence felt instead of sitting behind a desk all day, encourage employees who feel harassed to report it, and when they do, ensure that the matter is handled with tact.

2. Low Workplace Morale: Foster an environment where employees feel respected. “Gving them freedom to make decisions is the backbone of a healthy work environment.” Such environment accompanied by fun social events can boost morale.

3. Disengagement: This comes in different forms.

Employees may become disengaged because they feel they have been unfairly treated, feel like they are being micromanaged, or that they are not getting enough attention. Once you are sure that your disengagement issue is not as a result of bad recruitment practice, manage in real time instead of from a remote control.

4. Time Theft: Employees who come to work late, spend hours on personal calls, take extended breaks and leave early also cost your business money. Set employment guidelines and ensure that employees are held accountable. Do not procrastinate giving feedback.

You can have a greater profit margin if you manage your most important resource more efficiently.

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