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Build a better brand image by giving back


“Tis the season for giving – and giving back, and it is my hope that amongst all the plans to buy more advertising space, bundle products, entice customers and maximize sales, is a plan to be charitable. Spread a little love and light this season and give back to your local community.

Today we look at four reasons why companies should leverage their own financial success to help those around them:

1. Strengthen your reputation within the community: A sure way to win support is to give back. When your company helps others within the community, the community also reciprocates and offers support, making it a mutual and valuable relationship. Your brand will build a reputation of giving back and caring about the communities it serves. Developing such a reputation of goodwill within the community builds a strong supportive network of people who will speak positively on your behalf and help your company stand out amongst the competition.

2. Boost Employee Morale: Participating in charitable initiatives helps employees feel good about themselves and proud about where they work, which in turn builds loyalty among them. When employees don’t feel connected to their job, they invest less of themselves in their work. It has been found that companies that emphasized giving back have built strong connections with their employees.

3. Employees respect philanthropic leaders: If you have ever wondered how to build greater employee cohesion or create greater job satisfaction in general, giving back to your community can be the answer. Employees have high regards for corporate leaders who make their company a positive force in the community.

4. Customers prefer companies that are socially responsible: It has been found that “more than 90 percent of consumers would switch to a brand supporting a good cause.” It is an engaging way to humanize your brand.

People who give back are proven to be healthier and happier – It’s a win win situation.

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Source: Jose Costa, Contributor, HuffPost