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Five reasons you need to advertise while business is strong


What is your advertising strategy? Is it purposeful or indecisive?

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business, organization, or group and is critical in gaining visibility and credibility. Marketing is an element of any successful business, organization, agency or group.

Advertising should take place when business is down, but especially when business is up because if you wait until you are struggling you won’t have the ability to advertise properly.

Joshua Garity of Business & UX Strategist wrote an article “5 Reasons You Need to Advertise While Business Is Strong to Succeed.”

He supported his statement with the following reasons:

∑ If business is strong and money is coming in, you have an available cash flow to support an advertising campaign.

∑ A strong client or customer base removes the unnecessary pressure of “this campaign NEEDS to bring in X new customers.” When you focus on the end result you tend to lose sight of the path that gets you there in the first place.

∑ In contrast, without that stress you are more likely to “think outside the box” and allow your marketing to be more creative. Creative advertising has a better chance to create an emotional response in potential customers. Emotional responses trigger chemicals in their brain. This helps them remember your brand.

∑ Current customers may have forgotten about other services or products you offer. Use effective soft selling to gain more of their business. They already trust you or your brand. You’ve won 90% of the battle already.

∑ Advertising works in cycles and may take some time before the prospect becomes a customer.

Advertising doesn’t typically make customers want to buy a product or service they aren’t ready for yet. It’s a game of timing. This is why we see the same commercials on television and hear the same radio ads throughout the day. It’s about brand awareness.

Regardless of size, every successful company is built on proven advertising techniques.

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