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Choose your employees wisely; they represent your business


Who do you think has the most intimate knowledge of your brand and business; your shareholders, customers or employees? Employees are undoubtedly one of the most untapped, organic sources of promotion and content within your organization. Unfortunately, only few companies acknowledge and utilize that resource.

So much so that when business owners are considering taking their company to the next level, they think about market share and marketing, revenue and product launches, but most of them overlook the employees. However, whether it’s a receptionist answering the telephone, the janitor taking out the trash or the marketer planning promotional campaigns, employees interact with customers more than business owners and therefore have the potential to make or break a company.

Employees who are engaged and involved in the decisions of the company from ‘cradle to grave’ are often your strongest brand advocates. An influential position, as it relates to first impression and long term trust, is that of receptionist. The receptionist creates the first impression of your company brand and culture and it extends to how your business handles customers during every single interaction.
However, while the receptionist may give customers a peek into the organization, the actions of every employee contribute to the image of the business. How the sales team handles leads and prospects; whether marketers believe and stand behind the message they create and whether employees from bottom to top are proud supporters of what the company represents, is important.

To spend less trying to convince your external customers, you must first convince your internal customers. You see, when you hire people to work in your company, you’re not just offering them a job, you’re making them caretakers of the customers and your brand. Thus, you’re entrusting them with the company.

Don’t underestimate the influence employees have on your business, choose them wisely and keep them engaged.

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