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Is your business flying under the radar?


While Best of SVG 2017 took many small businesses by storm, contacting several of them to convey the news of their nomination was a nightmare. They were flying completely under the radar, with no telephone listing and no social media presence.

This year, to make it easier on everyone involved, let’s look at a few things voters can do to make the auditing process easier. When nominating a business, if it’s not a well-established company, please specify the owner’s name, the business name, its location and a telephone number, if possible.

In the category ‘Who makes the Best’, look for people here in St Vincent and the Grenadines who actually make the items. For example, under who makes the best upholstery, we are not looking for people who import upholstery items, but people who are in the business of making them locally.

In the case of best taxi service or best passenger van service, put the vehicle number, as well the taxi driver’s name or the name of the passenger van.

For best house designer, we are looking for architects or draftsmen, not interior decorators.

Business owners, you can make it easier for us to reach you by being more visible. If you don’t have a social media presence, set up a Facebook page and complete the ‘About’ page with your contact number, contact name and what the business offers. Remember, your business name should be specific, urgent and alluring.

Best of SVG is here again. Vincentians, who is your best? Play fair; vote only once and encourage everyone in your circle to vote. A win can only truly be enjoyed if it’s a fair win.

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