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So you think print is on the verge of dying?


Monkey see, Monkey do days are over! To maximize returns on advertising, stay abreast of market research.

The National Readership Survey and comScore’s latest study on print versus online shows 18 to 34 year-olds spend more time with newspaper in print than online.

The report, published in the Journalism Studies journal, focused on the age of media consumers and how their habits have changed over time, from 2000 to 2016. It revealed that people 18 to 34 years read for an average of 23 minutes in print a day, compared to 43 seconds online.

It supports the Association of Magazine Media white paper entitled “What can Neuroscience Tell Us About Why Print Magazine Advertising Works?

Studies confirmed that people who read content online don’t usually take the time to understand and process the information; instead, they skim, scan and bounce. If something doesn’t jump out at them in the first couple seconds, they move on. However, paper-based reading is done at a slower and deeper level. People make a deliberate effort to understand the content.

They also confirmed that onscreen distractions, like pop-ups, social alerts, advertisements, notifications…, consistently compete for readers’ attention, making it difficult to focus on the content. However, readers of print are more, focused and remember more as they do not have to deal with the same distractions.

Another key discovery was that television and online ads impact decreases after four exposures, but print marketing improves ad awareness and persuasion at five or more exposures; this makes print media the best platform for long-term marketing campaigns.

Still think print is on the verge of dying? Think again.

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