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How do you measure up as an employee?


It’s the time of year when most companies have their annual performance assessment and whether employees were naughty or nice, they hope for a good review. One of the best ways to guarantee a good performance review is for you as an employee to conduct regular self-evaluations.

This can be detailed self-evaluations on tasks, accomplishments and times when you went beyond the call of duty. However, a simpler approach is in the form of a question that you would ask yourself daily, that is “would I want someone with my work ethics working for me?” If you can in good conscience answer yes, you may be one of those unique employees who understands how their attitude affects the company’s bottom line, takes ownership of their responsibilities and is a driving force in the company’s overall success.

For the next few weeks, I’ll share with you excerpts from Inc 500 entrepreneur and best-selling author Kevin Daum, 10 things really amazing employees do. Here are the first two:

“Enthusiastically Learn All Aspects of Business. They understand they’re part of something bigger and more worthwhile than just their job. They look to learn other areas of the business, so they’ll positively impact multiple areas of the company.

“Steward the Company. They treat the company as if it was theirs. They look to make prudent decisions about expenses and opportunities with the long-term future of the company in mind. They easily assess risk vs reward selflessly, when making decisions.”

How do you measure up as an employee?

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