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Are your employees getting in the way of your business success?


“The chicken is stale; do you still want it?” That question was posed to me many years ago by an employee at a restaurant. Obviously, I replied “no, thank you” and walked out.

Customers may never have a chicken experience at your business. You may have great products, packaged really well and offered in an inviting environment. Your message on social media, radio, television and print may entice them into the door, but if there’s no employee engagement, your investment will be wasted.

“An engaged employee is defined as one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive action to further the organization’s reputation and interests.”

Your employees – engaged or disengaged – will influence your customers’ experience and impact your revenue, especially if they are the first point of interaction for customers to your business.

Harvard Business School conducted a five-year study that concluded that there is a direct link between highly engaged employees, highly loyal customers and financial performance.

Choosing the right employees and keeping them engaged is critical to your business success. Valuing your human resource and fostering an environment that builds trust and integrity, that encourages open communication and demonstrates a two-way commitment might be the smartest marketing tool you can invest in.

Employees who are emotionally connected to your organization are more productive than their disengaged colleagues and invest more time and effort into creating a satisfying experience for customers. This results in greater customer loyalty and increases revenue.

Well managed employees are an organization’s greatest asset.

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