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Why advertising in print still works


Print is not dead or even on the verge of dying. While there is a fuss about digital technology advancement and some people are moving their advertising online, the print medium is still considered the prime marketing tool. 

In 2015, the Association of Magazine Media released a white paper entitled “What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Why Print Magazine Advertising Works?” Here are a few thoughts from that report to consider.

Paper versus Screen Reading:

People who read content online don’t usually take the time to understand and process the information; instead, they skim, scan and bounce. If something doesn’t jump out at them in the first couple seconds, they move on. Paper-based reading is done at a slower and deeper level. People make a deliberate effort to understand the content.

Fewer Distractions with Paper Based Reading:

On screen, distractions like pop-ups, social alerts, advertisements notifications, consistently compete for readers’ attention, making it difficult to focus on the content. Readers of print are more focused and remember more, as they do not have to deal with the same distractions.

Print Media Marketing Consistently Raise Awareness:

The impact of television and online ads decreases after four exposures, but print marketing improves ad awareness and persuasion at five or more exposures; this makes print media the best platform for long-term marketing campaigns.

I’ll give more insight from the report next week.

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