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Taiwan congratulates the ULP on its victory in the general elections

Taiwan congratulates the ULP on its victory in the general elections

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THE REPUBLIC of China on Taiwan has congratulated Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves on the victory of the Unity Labour Party in the General Elections.

Presidential Office Spokesperson Xavier Chang said that upon hearing the news, President Tsai Ing-wen directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Taiwan’s SVG embassy to convey sincere congratulations to Prime Minister Gonsalves on his fifth term of office on behalf of the government and people of Taiwan, and also deliver her personal letter of congratulations.

Spokesperson Chang said that since establishing official diplomatic ties in 1981, Taiwan and SVG have enjoyed stable, friendly ties.

“SVG is our staunchest ally in the eastern Caribbean region and reciprocal visits are frequent, with Prime Minister Gonsalves leading delegations to Taiwan 11 times. Bilateral cooperative projects in many different sectors including food security, medicine and healthcare, smart transportation, education and culture, and infrastructure are proceeding smoothly, and the SVG government has achieved outstanding successes in recent years in diplomacy, the economy, infrastructure, and education.”

Spokesperson Chang said that SVG has been a staunch diplomatic ally and close partner of Taiwan for many years. SVG was selected last year as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, and has taken up its post this year. He also noted that SVG assumes the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council this month.

President Tsai, speaking on behalf of the government and people of Taiwan, thanked SVG for its long-standing support for Taiwan’s international participation and for speaking out resolutely on our behalf. “Our country treasures its deep friendship and close cooperation with SVG,” she said, and expressed hope that SVG will enjoy continued prosperity under the government led by Prime Minister Gonsalves. She also called for even more robust bilateral relations and the continued deepening of Taiwan-SVG diplomatic ties.