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Face masks being provided for every student for school

Face masks being provided for every student for school


Every child will be provided with at least two masks for the new school year so that they can adhere to the recommendation by the Ministry of Health that masks be worn as a safety measure during the time of Covid-19.

On the National Broadcasting Corporation’s (NBC) “Your Morning Cup” programme of September 2, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves indicated that washable, reusable face masks will be given to every child.

“Every student in the Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary, should get from the schools at least two and possibly three masks, including the teachers,” he continued.

He however said that he had been advised that the children in pre-schools will also be receiving masks, which will be a “a particular challenge.”

“The masks would be distributed to students, teachers, school security personnel, and janitorial staff,” the Prime Minister also noted.

Gonsalves explained that while persons may acquire their own masks, the Government is ensuring that masks are provided in cases where persons are unable to purchase.

The Ministry of Education has since notified parents and guardians that the masks are available for pick up at their children’s schools between yesterday, September 3, and today, September 4, from 9am to 3pm.

“The Ministry should have a number in the region of 100,000 masks, certainly climbing up to about 90,000,” the Prime Minister revealed on Wednesday.

Forty boxes with 15,360 masks were gifted from the Government of Barbados, and “we ordered another set of masks,
brought in by the RSS (Regional Security System) — 13,200. Then we ordered 65,000 from a company in Barbados.”

Additionally, the Prime Minister also mentioned that the Ministry of Education will have over 1500 thermometers.

At the time that he spoke, he indicated that the Ministry had 657 touchless thermometers in stock and before today, September 4, another 878 will be in their hands. When schools begin next week, at the beginning of each school day, the temperature of the students will be recorded.