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Caribbean Airlines launches new EC route

Caribbean Airlines launches new EC route


Caribbean Airlines officially launched its service from Barbados to St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and Grenada this week.

The airline’s first official flight on this Eastern Caribbean route took place on Wednesday, from Barbados to SVG.

A release from the Trinidad based airline said that the route expansion into the Eastern Caribbean is part of the airline’s current strategic plan to expand.

“Earlier this year, the Caribbean Airlines acquired additional aircraft and resources including pilots and cabin crew to support this initiative,” the release said.

Caribbean Airlines is one of several airlines expected to expand routes into the Eastern Caribbean, particularly since regional airline, LIAT is going through a liquidation process.

When LIAT’s liquidation was announced, Caribbean Airlines also said that it was capable of picking up at least 90 per cent of LIAT’s routes.

“Regionally and internationally, there is a lot to restart, and subject to regulatory approvals, Caribbean Airlines is resuming our 2020 plans to expand routes in the Eastern Caribean,” Garvin Medera, the CEO of Caribbean Airlines said. “For us, improving connectivity is a strategy that has been in the making and we have carefully planned for this expansion, using data and other research to guide our decisions.”

The CEO said that transport is a main pillar of Caribbean States, where it provides a space for the facilitation of trade, investment and movement of people.

Caribbean Airlines flight, BW200 will depart Barbados on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 5:15 pm and arrive in SVG at 6 pm.

BW 200 will then depart SVG on those same days at 6:55 pm and arrive in Grenada at 7:30 pm and depart Grenada at 8:25 pm and arrive in Barbados at 9:25 pm.

On Wednesdays and Sundays, BW204 will depart Barbados at 7:55 am and arrive in Grenada at 8:50 am before departing Grenada at 9:45 am and arriving in SVG at 10:25 am.

Flight BW205 will depart SVG at 11:25 am and arrive in Barbados at 12:10 pm on Wednesdays and Sundays.