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What our customers are saying about us

What our customers are saying about us


KENRICK JACOBS TOOK his first loan from the Penny Bank in 1980.

And since then he has been doing business with the financial institution and has no regrets.

“I joined when I was a youngster and when I started working with Public Works, I had my first loan because I was doing some renovations on my house at that time. I continued with the bank…I feel comfortable with them,” Jacobs said on Wednesday.

He noted that the financial institution has been there for him over the years and now his children and even grandchildren are customers.

“Not everybody might say the same thing, but I feel comfortable with the bank. If I want to do a little business, they work their formula and they help me,” said the Green Hill man.

He said he has seen the bank move from writing and filling out forms to computerized operations

and he likes the upgrade.

“When I know the bank, it was in a different location. It upgraded, because long time days when you go into the loans officer everybody could see you talking to the person but now its private,” said Jacobs smiling. He added also that he is impressed with the customer service as he is always spoken to in a proper way.

“When I go there, I get through. There are some changes in the staff, young people have to carry on the business so that is good. Up to today I was there doing business, I like it,” Jacobs told SEARCHLIGHT.

What our customers are saying about us

Franklyn “FI” Jack

“I have always enjoyed going there because I like the atmosphere,” longstanding customer Franklyn “FI” Jack told SEARCHLIGHT in relation to the St Vincent Co-operative Bank Limited.

Jack, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday said that he has been a customer of the Penny Bank for over 40 years.

He revealed that he was introduced to the institution by his father who opened an account for him as a boy and impressed upon him the need to have relations with the institution.

Jack said that over the years, he has done business with the bank and everything has been professional and straightforward.

“People would have individual preferences but with this bank it just means mine has worked out comfortably,” said Jack who also noted that the personnel at the institution may have changed over the years but the service has remained the same.

Jack, a retired teacher, also noted that what is unique about his relationship with the Penny Bank is that he taught former bank heads Kenny Forde and Laverne Velox as well as company’s current Executive Director Albert Porter and Loans Supervisor Montgomery Howard.