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RVA On Board To Save The Oceans


The Richmond Vale Academy (RVA)- said it is on-board with a new ERASMUS project to save the oceans.

The Save The Ocean Project-STOP- will be implemented through 31 December 2021,and offers an opportunity to youth connected to the RVA to travel to Fiji, Thailand and Italy to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines in these efforts to protect the ocean and stop pollution.

The RVA said other partners in this initiative are :High on Life (HoL), in (Italy); National Youth Council of Fiji (NYCFI); Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA) in Thailand; and Active Youth Association (AY), in Lithuania.

RVA Director Stina Herberg will represent SVG at the kick off meeting in Lithuania in February and the first group of NGO youth workers from Thailand, Fiji, Italy, and, Lithuania will arrive for a training course at the Richmond Vale Academy at the end of April.

The RVA Director pointed go documentation from Greenpeace’s “Plastic Debris in the World’s Oceans”, which states that about 10 per cent of all plastics produced annually end up in the ocean.
The biggest garbage dump in the world is afloat in the ocean and is commonly known as the Great Pacific garbage patch.

It is estimated that the Great Pacific garbage patch contains 80,000 metric tonnes of plastic with harmful consequences for sea life and sea birds.

Herberg said STOP recognises that in order to save the ocean, people’s habits, attitude and behaviour towards plastic consumption need to change, and, while the world is reacting to the problem, still not nearly enough is being done.

STOP, therefore, aims to take a small step towards better habits and Cleaner Ocean by educating young people, thereby reducing the likelihood of them contributing to the problem.