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Carnival components pay tribute to Owen Ralph

Carnival components pay tribute to Owen Ralph
Owen Ralph


The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) and its components – Carnival Bands Incorporated (CBI), Youlou Pan Movement (YPM) and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Calypsonians Association have recorded their deep sadness at the recent passing of a cultural icon – Owen Claudius Ralph.

A release issued Monday said Ralph’s life was devoted to the promotion of Culture and Arts. He was a painter and sign painter by trade and a sculptor who was arguably the nation’s best at molding faces and figures.

Ralph was also a noted wire bender and an artist and designer of excellence. In his early years he was a panist and is best remembered for his participation in solo Tenor Pan competition.
Moreover, Owen Ralph was the Bandleader of the costume band Owen Ralph and the Professionals for almost 40 years. The band is renowned for his Naval and Military presentations at the annual Mardi Gras.

In 2013, the CDC granted official recognition to Ralph for his contribution to the Carnival culture in general and the Masquerade artform in particular on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Band of the Year competition. Two years ago, he was also recognized by the Youlou Arts Foundation for his work as an artist and designer.

The CDC and its components extend condolences to the family and friends of this cultural icon and in particular the members and masqueraders of Owen Ralph & the Professionals.