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Demodectic Mange


Demodectic mange is caused by a microscopic insect, a mite, which lives under the skin around hair shafts. The mite can be present in small numbers on healthy pets and cause no problems.

For several reasons, often including immune system suppression, individual pets may develop symptoms of mange that include:{{more}}

o hair loss

o skin redness or swelling

o occasionally itching

o crusting

o secondary bacterial infection in the affected area(s).

Demodectic mange often appears around the eyes, over the top of the skull, or on the feet. Demodectic mange is not considered to be contagious under normal circumstances.

Mange is diagnosed by a combination of symptoms, examination findings, and laboratory testing. An important skin test, a “skin scraping,” is necessary to confirm the diagnosis. Mites can be observed microscopically in the test sample.

It is very important to do the skin scraping and confirm the diagnosis by observing the mite using a microscope, as this disease can be confused with other skin conditions.

There are several treatment options. A veterinary prescribed multi-treatment bath/dip product is a commonly used product for the treatment of demodectic mange. It is highly effective in most cases. This is generally combined with oral medication over quite a few months.

A large percentage of dogs may relapse and require repeated treatments. Due to a hereditary predisposition, it is recommended that pets with generalized juvenile onset demodectic mange be spayed or neutered. This would prevent the passage of this gene to the offspring.

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