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Sequel of Rover in chains: Rex, final chapter


After the violent and untimely death of his parents and siblings, poor little Rex was left alone in the bushes to fend for himself. He was hungry and shivering, partly because he was soaked by a torrential shower, and partly because he was so scared. The pangs of hunger were now more than he could bear,{{more}} and he realized that he had two choices, either to give up and wait for death or follow his instincts and look for food.

Even at this tender age of six weeks, his sense of smell is awesome. He slowly retraced the journey he had made earlier with his parents until he came to the main road. His alert sense of smell led him to a bag of garbage at the side of the road. Overwhelmed with hunger, Rex ripped open the bag and to his delight found some bits and pieces of food that he immediately devoured, quite oblivious of the rotten pungent smell that accompanied the meal. For the first time in days, he felt a surge of energy burst through his veins and he felt quite alive again. The constant itching did not give him much respite though, and the constant scratching would soon burn off the nutrients obtained from rummaging in the garbage.

He never forgot his brother Cujoe, who was brutally killed on that same road by a vehicle while crossing, so he kept well in the corner, constantly looking around with fear in his eyes.

He continued his journey on the lonely road until he was in the village his family had traversed before and decided to past the night in an old plastic can in some shrubs by the side of the road. Though exhausted, he could scarcely sleep, because of the itching. At the crack of dawn, he was again famished and crept out of the old plastic container that gave him shelter for the night and sniffed the air, longing for a whiff of food, but today this was not to be. He saw a dirty puddle of water and took a few laps, and continued on. He saw an early morning jogger and instinctively mustered all the energy his little emaciated body could afford and ran up to him, he wagged his tail vigorously and caught his attention by letting out a few barks that actually sounded like squeals, he was pleading for help the only way he knew how . The jogger glanced at him once and then without warning landed a massive kick on his back side that knocked him about six feet into the middle of the road. Luckily, the morning traffic was not heavy. As he tried to run out of the road, the memory of his brother being crushed was quite vivid on his mind. But alas, a blinding pain erupted from his hind legs, they were unresponsive.

Then, as if in slow motion , he saw the oncoming vehicle, it was almost upon him, he closed his eyes tightly, bracing himaslf for the end, then he heard the screeching of tires as it stopped barely a foot from his head.

What happened next, little Rex found hard to understand. A kind woman got out of the car and stood over him, she was visibly shaken by the fact that she almost ran over him. She bent down and gently took him in her arms. Even though the pain in his legs was excruciating, he felt safe for the first time in his short life. She gently took him in her posh vehicle and then he realized just how smelly and full of oozing sores he was. He overheard another occupant in the car calling her Leslie, so then he knew that the name of this nice lady was Leslie . She picked up her phone and called someone named Kiersten, who he understood was the President of an organization called the Vincentian Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VSPCA) . They both decided that he should be taken to a Veterinarian. Even though he did not understand what it meant, he knew that it had to be something good. Because of the way she made him feel.

They drove for what seemed to be a long time before they stopped at a place where he could smell lots of animals and an equally nice man in a white coat carefully cleaned and bandaged him up . Deep down inside, he knew that his life was about to make a drastic change for the better. Thanks to that nice woman who saved his life. He even overheard them saying that when he got out of the hospital, that nice woman would adopt and take him home. He did not even know what the word adapt meant, but just the thought of living in a place he could call home, made him shudder in delight.

Rex asked me to tell everyone out there that The Vincentian Socitey for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VSPCA) is up and running and that they will be on the lookout for any form af cruelty to animals. They are also working along with local veterinarians to save and find homes for the abandoned and homless dogs and cats in SVG. Please call Kiersten at 532 9327 for more information.

For further information, contact:
Dr. Collin Boyle
Unique Animal Care Co. Ltd.
Tel: 456 4981