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Plus and Minus in SVG 2020 Elections

Plus and Minus in SVG 2020 Elections

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Editor: I had the opportunity to follow up the general elections in Trinidad and Guyana. In the Trinidad Election Campaign, the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago embarked on weakening the UNC leadership to the core. Mr Keith Rowley was successful in doing so.

In SVG, the ULP had lots of information from Star Radio host Mr Frank Da Silva, but such information was not dispensed on the campaign trail. For instance, I expected that some interesting tapes would have been played five minutes before a new speaker started their conversation, but that was not the case. That to me was a serious error on the part of ULP.

In the 2015 General Elections campaign, Comrade Ralph did well in beating up Eustace after he embraced austerity measures. The Comrade then showed the nation that since taking power in 2001, he never cut jobs and more so, he was never tempted to cut back on jobs when we were hit by the world recession that lasted from 2008 to 2018. Many of our young people did not want to loose their jobs so they kept the Comrade there.
Now in the last General Elections campaign 2020 the NDP focused their campaign on jobs and more jobs by getting SVG working again.

No speaker played any of Frank Da Silva’s tapes in relation to austerity measures. Without such a tape a speaker should have said listen people, NDP is claiming to give you plenty jobs but their main aim when and if they get into power is to take away your jobs.

Instead, on the platform you heard more music than you hear at carnival. Mind you, I am not saying some of the songs were not good, but too many songs weakened the ULP campaign somewhat. All in all, the campaign for election was a good one. For this I give God thanks and praise.
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