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Yuggie’s mother clears air on allegations made about her

Yuggie’s mother clears air on allegations made about her

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Dear fellow citizens,

I am making this public statement to correct and respond to the several public statements that are incorrect allegations regarding me personally and which have divulged my personal information, and are being posted on social media.

The statements made regarding the criminal charges laid against me for attempted murder, arson, and wounding are untrue. Public record will show that these charges were heard in the lower courts and later then sent to the Supreme Court, where a trial was held and I was represented by a lawyer who was paid for with the support of family members.

The outcome of this case was a NOT guilty verdict by a jury. Please note that the statements being made are contrary to what took place in the courts. Additionally no form of support was solicited, or obtained from the ULP Government.

I trust that you will understand that this ordeal was emotional and something that I wish to put behind me, therefore I humbly ask those of you who are posting, to refrain from posting inaccurate information and to respect my privacy, for those of you reading, I again inform you that these statements are untrue.

Further, there was a posting of an affidavit that I wrote in confidence

with a prominent lawyer in July of 2017, I am asking that this be removed as it was written with the understanding that only if it was need in the criminal case brought against my daughter would it be divulged to the courts and that it was going to be held confidentially.

Most recently a post from Mr Allen Palmer stating that I was told by the ULP Government to take down posters that were plastered around St Vincent, which bore the face of my daughter. The acute fact is I was responding to the request of my daughter to have them removed.

In closing, I am pleading with the public to not believe these false statements and attempts to discredit my reputation and to kindly consider my position. This letter is not intended to support or tarnish any party, however it is unfortunate that it appears as if my personal affairs have been thrown into politics and therefore forcing me to address it now.

Gailene Farrell