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NDP – rhetoric – full of bluster and flatulence!

NDP – rhetoric – full of bluster and flatulence!

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EDITOR: Let me encourage you to continue your balanced form of reporting. I read with dismay, the viciousness of the NDP supporters in response to an article posted in your newspaper entitled “NDP No!” There are media houses which are very vocal in pulling down the ULP, and no one cries “foul”. What a shame that these persons are now suddenly accusing the Searchlight newspaper of being biased!

With that being said, the NDP is seeking to get into government. Their rhetoric has been that we should

not allow one government to be in power so long. I am convinced that this party has a selective memory. Isn’t it this same party that gave strong opposition to the government when PM Gonsalves attempted to hold a referendum to change the constitution so that one party could only be in office for two terms? If I recall well, their argument was that Gonsalves would turn the country into a Republic, devalue the currency and put his picture on it. Now they are suddenly using this to woo voters to believe their lies!

Secondly, the persons who have been feeding them with information from many government departments are those disgruntled workers who may have been promised a promotion by the NDP when “supposedly” they get into power. It amazes me that people can be so gullible. This is a small country, how many of those who want to be Permanent Secretaries. Education Officers, Chief Executive Officers, can get their wishes? Note please, many times people behave like naïve children … they want it Now! Will they change allegiance again if their wishes are not granted immediately?

Another group of Vincentians who follow the NDP are the uneducated masses. The blind followers who cannot see beyond what they are being told. It is a pity that they have not allowed themselves to be emancipated by education and reasoning.

Then there are those who oppose simply for the sake of opposing, or the education that they acquired under this same government has made them think that they know all there is to know about governance. Many of these

persons are found in our education system or in our government offices. In some of our top secondary schools, teachers subscribe to elitism and their disgruntlement stem from having children from all walks of life walking the “esteemed halls”. And I can go on and on… This is crunch time. The youth, to my mind, will make a difference in this election. And I appeal to all the young persons whose parents have told them to “eat them out and vote them out”, or have encouraged them to adopt a lifestyle of using persons and then showing ingratitude. Young people, it is not about your parents … they have lived their lives. It is your future on the line. The future of your offspring, as well! You have access to scholarships … opportunities galore to make SVG a force to be reckoned with on the world stage. With the ULP behind you the world is your oyster. Do not listen to the empty promises of the NDP. All they consist of are bluster and flatulence, in other words, hot air!